Gateway to Awakening

Awaken Your Mind to Guide Your Body's Potential with REJUVENATION

In REJUVENATION, our Sun-Moon Cycle designates the beginning of a waning moon to the rising sun of the early morning. In the practice of Ayurveda, we recommend aligning your day's activities with the rhythms of nature. This means waking near the first sunlight at the horizon. If possible, try to wake up naturally without the jarring of a loud alarm clock.

Guided by your optimum Ayurvedic Routine - also known as your Dosha clock - you will have slept very deeply. And now, in the early morning, both your mind and body need an infusion of oxygen, hydration, and nourishment - which you will provide for yourself through self-application of REJUVENATION while reconnecting with your spiritual center.

For the touch-therapy to nourish the body, we use the extract of Ginseng as our primary Ayurvedic herbal rub. Ginseng provides enhancement of both energy and vitality by neutralizing the damaging and degenerative effects of stress.

For the aromatherapy to calm the mind, we use the essential oil of Cardamom as our Ayurvedic aroma for Rejuvenation. Cardamom stimulates the heart by opening and soothing the flow of air and energy. It also activates the mind from sleepiness by expanding clarity.

For developing the Crown Chakra - which is the energy center at the top of the head - and to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, we use Brahmi. This potent leaf is highly regarded in India as one of the most spiritual of all the herbs. It is also regarded as one of the most important rejuvenative herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine.

At first light of day, to enhance your feelings of well-being and to elevate the energy centers in your brain, we use St. John's Wort. This beautiful, yellow star-shaped flower, is widely believed to boost mood and provide some relief from depression. It can also reduce anxiety and nervousness...and many women have found that it helps to alleviate the negative effects of menopause.

Affirmation of Your Beneficial Light

We list the Vital Ingredients in our Aroma-Touch Therapy for REJUVENATION as the Love-of-Self based on the Ayurvedic wisdom that how well you treat yourself is directly related to how well you are treated by others.

This wisdom is the basis for our Step 1 Affirmation:

"I Rejuvenate myself first upon rising...
—then my Light will resonate brighter to all I love."

Saying this affirmation to yourself supports your smooth transformation from a prolonged rest to a productive day in spiritual alignment.

Rejuvenating Application by Self-Empowering Abhyanga

Let's Walk Through This Together as we actually apply OUR COMMITMENT to mind-body harmony that makes Empowered Wellness all our Destinies:

Place a quarter-sized dab of REJUVENATION on the inside of your wrist and hold it together lightly with the inside of your other wrist. Now, gently repeat after me, "I Rejuvenate myself first upon rising, then my Light will resonate brighter to all I love."

While silently holding this affirmation in your forethought, begin to circle the inside of your wrists together then open your wrists like a book to deeply inhale the aroma of Cardamom and focus your mind's eye on the flow of air and energy to your heart.

Observe when you start to feel the Ginseng in your body where your energy levels begin to rise - perhaps chills on your shoulders or tingles along the sides of your torso. Next, feel the supporting sequence of St. John's Wort for mood elevation and reducing anxiety, then finally ' to enhance concentration and heal wounds both physical and emotional.

With continued focus on the flow of your breath, follow my self-massage process - called Abhyanga - in the Sanskrit language of Ayurveda:

Pivot the wrists so your fingers gently stroke the opposite forearm - then pull your hands together and move both to massage your neck and behind your ears - enjoying the stimulation from your own skin's pharmacy - as you increase alertness - until the REJUVENATION formula absorbs.



Here's to expanding our own Health as Wealth,
Scott Simon Fraser,
Practitioner - Ayurveda Mind-Body Wellness