From Ayurveda medicine to exquisite harmony of body and soul.

Ayurveda is Key to Healthy Balance by Fulfilling Deficiencies to Releasing Excesses

Ayurveda is the original self-healthcare system. Long before prescription pads and hospitals, human beings have been empowered to thrive by increasing awareness of the gifts that nature provides for our being well. Plant-based essential oils and extracts all have a direct-benefit relationship with our Mind & Body because we too are products of nature as constructed by the same basic earthly elements, especially minerals. As we all progress through daily sun-moon cycles, our bodies and our minds experience deficiencies and excesses that alter the balance of our health. Restoring that healthful balance is accomplished by fulfilling those deficiencies that also release the related excesses using the aforementioned gifts of nature as guided by Ayurveda.

Between Facts & Feelings

Conceptually - conscious breathing is a very basic introduction to the balancing feel of Ayurveda. With focus on your inhales to exhales, you will feel an excess of air at the end of the former and you will feel a deficiency of air at the end of the latter. Similarly, the daily demands of living can create a steady stream of excesses and deficiencies to which Ayurvedic remedies empower your own restoration of balance. The Essential Guidance that we provide for you to maximize the benefits of our products is filled with the supporting science from over two millennia of applied proof. Yet, these FACTS are merely the key that opens the wellness gate to your Path of FEELING well.


Improving Our Veda by Ayurveda

Pragmatically - simply observing your fluctuating mood and energy levels throughout the day sets the foundation for your practice of Ayurveda Wellness and the formulas you choose to restore your balance. For example, at mealtimes, the stresses of the day can make it difficult to properly transform food to nutrition because of excesses of the stress hormone, cortisol, and deficiencies in digestive enzymes. Understanding of this recurring imbalance and the Ayurvedic remedies have guided our balance-restoring formulas. As in our METABOLISM, the calming effect of Lavender essential oil releases stressors and the stimulus of Ginger fulfills the three facets of the gastrointestinal tract - digestion, absorption, and elimination. And the adaptogens of Holy Basil and Ginseng contribute homeostasis for balancing our metabolizing process.

Please select our Ayurveda Wellness formulas that most relate to your daily-balance needs in this month's EVERYONE WINS! Drawing. And I look forward to hearing your experience of Self-Empowered Healthfulness.