Mind-Body Purification

Purifying Your MindBody with CIRCULATION

In CIRCULATION, the rising sun is expanding its influence over the continued waning moon as you reach your Mid-Morning transition point. As the sun is rising toward its midday highpoint, your internal flows of air, energy, and optimism can also rise simultaneously.

For the aromatherapy to calm the mind, we use Ashwagandha as our Ayurvedic aroma to increase circulation. The aroma of Ashwagandha aligns our nervous system. Ashwagandha has been used as a sexual enhancer and an aphrodisiac for both men and women for thousands of years. Its name in Sanskrit means "the smell of a horse" for the strength of a stallion. Hence, increasing circulation has more than just one mind-body benefit.

For the touch-therapy to nourish the body, we use Ginkgo as our primary Ayurvedic herbal rub. Ginkgo offers antioxidant qualities and terpenoids which help improve circulation. This is accomplished by increasing the blood supply to the brain, thus expanding the brain's ability to utilize oxygen and energy sources.

Affirmation of Your Beneficial Light

We list the Vital Ingredients in our Aroma-Touch Therapy for CIRCULATION as the Love-of-Self based on the Ayurvedic wisdom that how well you treat yourself is directly related to how well you are treated by others.

This wisdom is the basis for our Step 2 Affirmation:

"Circulation expands nourishment to my body
and flushes toxic thoughts from my mind."

Saying this affirmation to yourself supports your smooth transformation from early morning rejuvenation to a productive mid-morning in spiritual alignment.

Application of Self-Empowering Abhyanga through CIRCULATION

Let's Walk Through This Together as we actually apply OUR COMMITMENT to mind-body harmony that makes Empowered Wellness all our Destinies:

Place a quarter-sized dab of CIRCULATION on the inside of your wrist and hold it together lightly with the inside of your other wrist. Now, gently repeat after me,
"Circulation expands nourishment to my body and flushes toxic thoughts from my mind."

While silently holding this affirmation in your forethought, begin to circle the inside of your wrists together then open your wrists like a book to deeply inhale the aroma of Ashwagandha and focus your mind's eye on the flow of air and energy to your heart.

Observe when you start to feel the Gingko in your body where your energy levels begin to rise... perhaps chills on your shoulders or tingles along the sides of your torso. Next, feel the supporting sequence of Holy Basil for mood elevation and reduced anxiety. Finally Astragalus where you'll start to feel enhanced concentration as your circulation receives a boost.

With continued focus on the flow of your breath, follow my self-massage process - called Abhyanga - in the Sanskrit language of Ayurveda:

Pivot the wrists so your fingers gently stroke the opposite forearm - then pull your hands together and move both to massage your neck and behind your ears - enjoying the stimulation from your own skin's pharmacy - as you increase alertness - until the CIRCULATION formula absorbs.



Here's to expanding our own Health as Wealth,
Scott Simon Fraser,
Practitioner - Ayurveda Mind-Body Wellness