Our Guidance Lights Your Way to Wellness


  1. Your Alignment with Nature's Sun-Moon Cycle

    During a complete day, the Sun and Moon exchange dominant influences on the rhythm of the Earth's Nature which is all around us and equally within us. When we align both our mind and body processes with this rhythm of nature, we can attain comfortable feelings of balance. The essential function for each of our Aroma-Touch Therapy steps is set according its optimal time of the day. In this example of METABOLISM, the sun is at its strongest position at midday so that is when Ayurveda advises us to eat our largest meal, and that requires the most energy to transform, thus we benefit most by empowering our Metabolism at this time.
  2. Balancing Essential Mind-Body Functions

    The essential mind-body functions in our Empowered-ME wellness toolkit are Rejuvenation, Circulation, Metabolism, Energy for Focus and Calm to Rest. Whether you use them in our aligned sequence or choose to address one challenging function at a time, the Ayurvedic lesson is the same: the needs of BOTH your mind and body must be provided for - to properly balance any essential function. A calm, cool mind and a warm, nourished body empower harmony for BOTH.
  3. Aromatherapy to calm the mind

    The healing effects of aromatherapy start when we connect an aroma with a pleasurable response that activates our body's inner Pharmacy. Our sense of smell connects us powerfully with emotions, memories and instincts. The linking of a particular aroma to a preferred emotional state is known as positive neuro associative conditioning and, here, you will - learn and apply - to master this technique.
  4. Touch-therapy to nourish the body

    As with your sense of smell, the sense of touch can also evoke powerful emotional and psychological healing responses. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is rich with nerve receptors and beneficial neurochemicals and immune modulators. Peptides closely related to antidepressants can also be found throughout the skin, which is probably why massages feel so good. Here, you will learn then apply the benefits of self massage, called Abhyanga in Sanskrit - by which you can stimulate your skin's own pharmacy to improve circulation, increase alertness, enhance detoxification, improve immunity and nourish the tissues.
  5. Step Designator for the next 90 seconds of your Self-Love Ritual

    Here we teach you to set your optimal day-to-night routine for your most productive schedule within your natural flow of activity that avoids physical and mental exhaustion. Each step is just 90 seconds for a total of 5 Steps through an active day. In simplified form, these 5 Steps of the Empowered-ME Self-Love System are designed to enhance your experience harmonizing Essential Mind-Body Functions in the various Essential Rooms of Your Life. For example, Rejuvenation in the bathroom - Circulation in the boardroom - Metabolism in the lunchroom - Energy to Focus in the classroom - Calm to Rest for the bedroom. You can always start with the one 90-second step that represents your personal biggest challenge of the day, then with the help our learn-then-apply guidance, you will add a second step until you master the full 5 steps per day for Optimum Mind Body Harmony - on your terms and in your optimal schedule.
Here's to expanding our own Health as Wealth,
Scott Simon Fraser,
Practitioner - Ayurveda Mind-Body Wellness