Sutra CBD
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2.8 oz Bottle
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Sutra CBD
Our new Sutra CBD water-based lubricant offers CBD (cannabidiol)‚ a plant-based aphrodisiac‚ for enhanced sensual pleasure. Sutra CBD has the same food-based ingredients and naturally preserved formula as our original Sutra with the addition of pure CBD oil extract for increased sensitivity during foreplay and intercourse. Cannabidiol is a proven mood elevator which can help set the mood for enhanced intimacy and is also excellent for post-natal women and for couples seeking to reignite their bedroom passion. Our Sutra CBD can also be used for therapeutic massage and foreplay, and, because of the anti-inflammation properties of cannabidiol, Sutra CBD can greatly increase comfort during intercourse and can be beneficial for menopausal women. Our CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive therapeutic extract, certified for purity with verification by accredited independent lab testing. 14% cannabidiol by volume / 100 mg cannabidiol per 2.8 oz bottle.
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Sutra CBD
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