Ashwagandha Essential Oil
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Ashwagandha Essential Oil
Ashwagandha is the activating-step in the Optimal Sequence of self-empowered wellness that we practice here at the Yourveda® brand of Ayurveda with all our beloved customers. From this Adaptogenic Herb that flourishes in the world's harshest conditions for plants, we human-animals receive the benefits of Ashwagandha's evolutionary adaptations through the most extreme environmental stressors. After purchase, you will receive an invitation to join both our self-paced and live practices of Ayurvedic discipline. Although vast amounts of research confirming Ashwaganha's benefits will be provided, our foremost focus on activating your sequence of wellness by Ayurveda is empowering you to improve your personal wellbeing. How well Ashwagandha makes you feel is Paramount.
Awareness of Ingredients:
100% pure Ashwagandha essential oil
Origin: India
Cultivation: Organic
Distillation: Steam
Let's activate our optimal Ayurvedic sequence by embracing the Ingredients as listed. Those four primary points of Ashwagandha knowingness form the foundation of your Ingredient Awareness which is a crucial contributor to your Self-Empowered Health Consciousness. Now, standby to receive your Yourveda® pure Ashwagandha essential oil - then, we'll make the wellness magic happen all together!
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